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Don Bailey


CD Production Tales

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Life Altering Experiences
of Recording a CD


"WHY record a CD?"
"HOW do you choose what to record?"
"WHERE do you begin?"
"HOW MUCH will it cost?"
"WHERE do you find an acoustically suitable place to record?"
"WHO will manufacture and distribute it?"

When I was the Newsletter Editor for the New York Flute Club, I discovered an interest in CD production among the membership.  I knew that two of my friends had recently produced CDs, and I had just finished recording Voyage, so I thought a series of articles on this timely topic would be helpful to members of the NYFC who were thinking about recording albums of their own.

Click on the flutists' names below for their stories.

Rie Schmidt
Flute Force

Don Bailey

Marco Granados


"Sommarsång" from Frösöblomster by W. Peterson-Berger
VOYAGE (Summit Records)


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